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Joanna Jedrzejowicz, Gdansk University, Poland / Andrzej Szepietowski, Gdansk University, Poland
Invited Lectures.
Page Migration in Dynamic Networks.
Knot Theory, Jones Polynomial and Quantum Computing.
Interactive Algorithms 2005.
Some Computational Issues in Membrane Computing.
The Generalization of Dirac's Theorem for Hypergraphs.
On the Communication Complexity of Co
linearity Problems.
An Invitation to Play.
The Complexity of Satisfiability Problems: Refining Schaefer's Theorem.
On the Number of Random Digits Required in MonteCarlo Integration of Definable Functions.
Pure Nash Equilibria in Games with a Large Number of Actions.
On the Complexity of Depth
2 Circuits with Threshold Gates.
Isomorphic Implication.
Abstract Numeration Systems and Tilings.
Adversarial Queueing Model for Continuous Network Dynamics.
Coloring Sparse Random k
Colorable Graphs in Polynomial Expected Time.
Regular Sets of Higher
Order Pushdown Stacks.
Linearly Bounded Infinite Graphs.
Basic Properties for Sand Automata.
A Bridge Between the Asynchronous Message Passing Model and Local Computations in Graphs.
Reconstructing an Ultrametric Galled Phylogenetic Network from a Distance Matrix.
New Resource Augmentation Analysis of the Total Stretch of SRPT and SJF in Multiprocessor Scheduling.
Approximating Polygonal Objects by Deformable Smooth Surfaces.
Basis of Solutions for a System of Linear Inequalities in Integers: Computation and Applications.
Asynchronous Deterministic Rendezvous in Graphs.
Online Interval Coloring with Packing Constraints.
Separating the Notions of Self
and Autoreducibility.
Fully Asynchronous Behavior of Double
Quiescent Elementary Cellular Automata.
Finding Exact and Maximum Occurrences of Protein Complexes in Protein
Protein Interaction Graphs.
Matrix and Graph Orders Derived from Locally Constrained Graph Homomorphisms.
Packing Weighted Rectangles into a Square.
Nondeterministic Graph Searching: From Pathwidth to Treewidth.
Goals in the Propositional Horn??? Language Are Monotone Boolean Circuits.
Autoreducibility, Mitoticity, and Immunity.
Canonical Disjoint NP
Pairs of Propositional Proof Systems.
Complexity of DNF and Isomorphism of Monotone Formulas.
The Expressive Power of Two
Variable Least Fixed
Point Logics.
Languages Representable by Vertex
Labeled Graphs.
On the Complexity of Mixed Discriminants and Related Problems.
Two Logical Hierarchies of Optimization Problems over the Real Numbers.
Algebras as Knowledge Structures.
Combining Self
reducibility and Partial Information Algorithms.
Complexity Bounds for Regular Games.
Basic Mereology with Equivalence Relations.
Online and Dynamic Recognition of Squarefree Strings.
Shrinking Restarting Automata.
Removing Bidirectionality from Nondeterministic Finite Automata.
Generating All Minimal Integral Solutions to Monotone ?,?
Systems of Linear, Transversal and Polymatroid Inequalities.
On the Parameterized Complexity of Exact Satisfiability Problems.
Approximating Reversal Distance for Strings with Bounded Number of Duplicates.
Random Databases and Threshold for Monotone Non
recursive Datalog.
An Asymptotically Optimal Linear
Time Algorithm for Locally Consistent Constraint Satisfaction Problems.
Greedy Approximation via Duality for Packing, Combinatorial Auctions and Routing.
Tight Approximability Results for the Maximum Solution Equation Problem over Z p .
The Complexity of Model Checking Higher Order Fixpoint Logic.
An Efficient Algorithm for Computing Optimal Discrete Voltage Schedules.
Inverse Monoids: Decidability and Complexity of Algebraic Questions.
Dimension Is Compression.
Concurrent Automata vs. Asynchronous Systems.
Completeness and Degeneracy in Information Dynamics of Cellular Automata.
Strict Language Inequalities and Their Decision Problems.
Event Structures for the Collective Tokens Philosophy of Inhibitor Nets.
An Exact 2.9416 n Algorithm for the Three Domatic Number Problem.
Width: A More Natural Measure for Directed Tree Width.
On Beta
Shifts Having Arithmetical Languages.
Representation for the Logic of Equality and Uninterpreted Functions.
On Small Hard Leaf Languages.
Explicit Inapproximability Bounds for the Shortest Superstring Problem.
Stratified Boolean Grammars.