How to set up an Acute Stroke Service (eBook, PDF) - Grunwald, Iris Q.; Fassbender, Klaus; Wakhloo, Ajay K.
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Part I: Understanding your goals: The Why-What and Who: What is Stroke?- Guidelines, Regulations-Sources of supporting information .- Who can support this project.- Simplified steps of the stroke pathway.- Defining your priorities.-. Walking the steps and defining your own pathway and goals on the way.- Bringing your goals into shape.- Examples of treatment pathways.- Specific pathways in special cases.- Modern Concepts
Part II: Planning: Strategic/Business Management.- Who manages your Project.- Project management plan.- Establishing whom and what you need in the stroke pathway.- stablishing your resources (equipment, staff, space).- Budget and time frame.- Risk assessment and Management.
Part III: The Team : Setting up a project team
Part IV: Getting started: Work packages.- Examples for Work Groups.Part V: Evaluation: Monitoring Project Performance.- Evaluating your work by monitoring times and outcomes.- Dissemination.- Redefining your goals (e.g. expand service).- Closing remarks.