Environmental Heavy Metal Pollution and Effects on Child Mental Development
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  • Erscheinungstermin: November 2011
  • Artikelnr.: 31522914
Preface.- Acknowledgements.- List of contributors.- Environmental Heavy Metals and Mental Disorders of Children in Developing Countries; M. Hassanien, A.M. Elshahawy.- Exposure Assessment to Heavy Metals in the Environment. Measures to Eliminate or Reduce the Exposure to Critical Receptors; M. De Lurdes Dinis, A. Fiúza.- Heavy Metals Activity Mechanisms at Cellular Level and Possible Action on Children Bodies; G. Coman, C. Draghici.- Evolving Understanding of the Relationship between Mercury Exposure and Autism; T.A. Lewandowski.- Hearing Changes in Children Exposed to Arsenic in Neurotoxicity Context; V. Bencko.- Lead Occurrence in Children's Biological Fluids from Baia Mare Area, Romania; V. Oros et al.- Changing Children's Blood Lead Level in Hungary; G. Dura et al.- Analytical Approaches for Sampling and Sample Preparation for Heavy Metals Analysis in Biological Materials; E. Chirila, C. Dr ghici.- Heavy Metals Determination in Environmental and Biological Samples; C. Draghici et al.- Analyses of Heavy Metal Mixtures in the Environmental Media; L. Simeonov et al.- Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (flame, electrothermal, vapor generation) in Environmental, Biological, and Food Analysis; D. Tsalev.- In Situ Elemental and Isotopic Analyses of Heavy Metals in Environmental Water Solutions; B. Simeonova et al.- A Heavy Metal Environmental Threat Resulting from Combustion of Biofuels of Plant Origin; M. Pogrzeba et al.- Heavy Metals as Persistent Problem for Balkan Countries; M. Kochubovski.- Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Soils around Kremikovtzi Smelter (Bulgaria); A. Dimitrova et al.- Comparison Study of Physicochemical Parameters Evaluation between Danube River and AXIOS-VARDAR River Valley (2003-2009); F. Vosniakos et al.- Atmospheric Heavy Metals Pollution: Exposure and Prevention Policies in Mediterranean Basin; M. Hassanien.- The Problem of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Republic of Armenia: Overview and Strategies of Balancing Socioeconomic and Ecological Development; Y. Suvaryan et al.- How to Grow Environmentally-Sound Biofuels; A. Sas-Novosielska et al.- NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Environmental Heavy Metal Pollution and Effects on Child Mental Development - Risk Assessment and Prevention Strategies: Discussion, Conclusions and Recommendations; L. Simeonov et al.- Subject Index.