The Natural Hormone Makeover: 10 Steps to Rejuvenate Your Health and Rediscover Your Inner Glow - Cohan, Phuli

The Natural Hormone Makeover: 10 Steps to Rejuvenate Your Health and Rediscover Your Inner Glow

Phuli Cohan 

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The Natural Hormone Makeover: 10 Steps to Rejuvenate Your Health and Rediscover Your Inner Glow

During both perimenopause and menopause it is estimated that 80% of all women suffer significant life altering symptoms such as fatigue, depression, low sex drive, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, recurrent urinary tract or vaginal infections, insomnia, and more. Many large-scale studies have been done looking at the safety of hormones. Unfortunately the largest studies in this country have looked at the safety and benefits of synthetic hormones given orally, primarily using horse estrogen (Premarin) and synthetic progesterone (Provera, or Medroxy progesterone). Medical evidence continues to mount against artificially replacing hormones (HRT), which paves the way for this all-natural approach to hormone rejuvenation.

How To Make Menopause A Healthier, Happier, And Sexier Time Of Life

"Finally, a medically researched book that gives the big picture on all of our hormones and how they are interrelated. This book is a survival manual for those of us who want sound medical alternatives for keeping healthy."
-Jan Bergstrom, M.Ed., L.M.H.C.

"One book that every woman should read-and give to her daughter, her mother, and her friends-is The Natural Hormone Makeover. Dr. Cohan combines a brilliant mind and a tender heart to give readers a book that can truly make a difference in their lives."
-Ellen S. Glazer, L.I.C.S.W., author of Experiencing Infertility and The Long-Awaited Stork

The Natural Hormone Makeover shows you how to correct perimenopause- and menopause-related hormone imbalances safely by using natural or bioidentical hormones-many of which are available at the drugstore or health food store-instead of risky hormone replacement therapy. You'll learn how to determine which of your hormones-including estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, HGH, progesterone, and melatonin-may be unbalanced and create a personalized program to rebalance and support these hormones with natural hormone supplements, creams, and hormone-stimulating foods. This unique anti-aging approach to menopause also includes a list of the foods that are the most powerful in healing the effects of hormone imbalance and keeping you young and healthy for decades to come. This book is a must-read whether you are thirty-five and just beginning to notice changes or fifty-plus and confused about what to do.


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  • 2008
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Phuli Cohan, M.D., has been practicing medi-cine for twenty-five years. She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has an active medical practice in Massachusetts. Cohan runs women's health workshops and has had speaking engagements all over the world. Visit her Web site at
- Acknowledgments

- Introduction

- Chapter 1. Understanding Health and Hormones

- Chapter 2. The Steps to Bring Back Balance

- Chapter 3. Safety Concerns

- Chapter 4. A Healthy Lifestyle

- Chapter 5. Know Your Symptoms

- Chapter 6. Recommended Tests

- Chapter 7. How to Find the Right Doctor and Support Team

- Chapter 8. Sex Hormones Part I: Perimenopause and More

- Chapter 9. Sex Hormones Part II: Menopause and More

- Chapter 10. Adrenal and Thyroid Hormones

- Chapter 11. Sleep Hormones

- Chapter 12. Growth Hormone

- Conclusion

- Appendix 1

- Appendix 2

- References
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