Dr Jekyll and MR Hyde - Stevenson, Robert Louis

Dr Jekyll and MR Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson 

Introd. and Notes by Tim Middleton
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Dr Jekyll and MR Hyde

In seeking to discover his inner self, the brilliant Dr Jekyll discovers a monster. First published to critical acclaim in 1886, this mesmerising thriller is a terrifying study of the duality of man's nature.
Also included in this volume is Stevenson's 1887 collection of short stories, The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables.
The Merry Men is a gripping Highland tale of shipwrecks and madness; Markheim, the sinister study of the mind of a murderer; Thrawn Janet, a spine-chilling tale of demonic possession; Olalla a study of degeneration and incipient vampirism in the Spanish mountains; Will O'the Mill, a thought-provoking fable about a mountain inn-keeper; and The Treasure of Franchard, a study of French bourgeois life.


  • Verlag: Blank; Wordsworth
  • 1999
  • 1999.
  • Ausstattung/Bilder: XX, 232 p.
  • Seitenzahl: 256
  • Wordsworth Classics
  • Englisch
  • Abmessung: 196mm x 124mm x 15mm
  • Gewicht: 172g
  • ISBN-13: 9781853260612
  • ISBN-10: 1853260614
  • Best.Nr.: 05707928
Robert Louis Stevenson, geboren 1850 in Edinburgh, schrieb unter anderem Reiseerzählungen, Abenteuerromane und Lyrik. Stevenson starb im Alter von 44 Jahren auf der Südseeinsel Samoa.
Story of the Door

MR. UTTERSON the lawyer was a man of a rugged countenance that was never lighted by a smile; cold, scanty and embarrassed in discourse; backward in sentiment; lean, long, dusty, dreary and yet somehow lovable. At friendly meetings, and when the wine was to his taste, something eminently human beaconed from his eye; something indeed which never found its way into his talk, but which spoke not only in these silent symbols of the after-dinner face, but more often and loudly in the acts of his life. He was austere with himself; drank gin when he was alone, to mortify a taste for vintages; and though he enjoyed the theater, had not crossed the doors of one for twenty years. But he had an approved tolerance for others; sometimes wondering, almost with envy, at the high pressure of spirits involved in their misdeeds; and in any extremity inclined to help rather than to reprove. "I incline to Cain's heresy," he used to say quaintly: "I let my brother go to the devil inhis own way." In this character, it was frequently his fortune to be the last reputable acquaintance and the last good influence in the lives of downgoing men. And to such as these, so long as they came about his chambers, he never marked a shade of change in his demeanour.

No doubt the feat was easy to Mr. Utterson; for he was undemonstrative at the best, and even his friendship seemed to be founded in a similar catholicity of good-nature. It is the mark of a modest man to accept his friendly circle ready-made from the hands of opportunity; and that was the lawyer's way. His friends were those of his own blood or those whom he had known the longest; his affections, like ivy, were the growth of time, they implied no aptness in the object. Hence, no doubt, the bond that united him to Mr. Richard Enfield, his distant kinsman, the well-known man about town. It was a nut to crack for many, what these two could see in each other, or what subject they could find in common. It was reported by those who encountered them in their Sunday walks, that they said nothing, looked singularly dull, and would hail with obvious relief the appearance of a friend. For all that, the two men put the greatest store by these excursions, counted them the chief jewel of each week, and not only set aside occasions of pleasure, but even resisted the calls of business, that they might enjoy them uninterrupted.

It chanced on one of these rambles that their way led them down a by-street in a busy quarter of London. The street was small and what is called quiet, but it drove a thriving trade on the weekdays. The inhabitants were all doing well, it seemed, and all emulously hoping to do better still, and laying out the surplus of their grains in coquetry; so that the shop fronts stood along that thoroughfare with an air of invitation, like rows of smiling saleswomen. Even on Sunday, when it veiled its more florid charms and lay comparatively empty of passage, the street shone out in contrast to its dingy neighbourhood, like a fire in a forest; and with its freshly painted shutters, well-polished brasses, and general cleanliness and gaiety of note, instantly caught and pleased the eye of the passenger.

Two doors from one corner, on the left hand going east, the line was broken by the entry of a court; and just at that point, a certain sinister block of building thrust forward its gable on the street. It was two storeys high; showed no window, nothing but a door on the lower storey and a blind forehead of discoloured wall on the upper; and bore in every feature, the marks of prolonged and sordid negligence. The door, which was equipped with neither bell nor knocker, was blistered and distained. Tramps slouched into the recess and struck matches on the panels; children kept shop upon the steps; the schoolboy had tried his knife on the mouldings; and for close on a generation, no one had appeared to drive away these random visitors or to repair their

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Bewertung von Blacky (blacky-book@live.de) am 18.03.2009   sehr gut
Man darf nicht vergessen, das das Buch vor über 100 Jahren geschrieben wurde.
Unglaublich, was für Ideen dieser Autor hatte.
In der heutigenZeit sind wir mit den Wirkungen diverser Chemikalien wesentlich vertrauter als damals und dennoch (soweit das bekannt ist) noch nicht so weit wie Robert Louis Stevenson in seinem Buch.
Heute noch so spannend wie damals

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