Leadership Approaches - Development - Trends (eBook, ePUB) - Stippler, Maria; Moore, Sadie; Rosenthal, Seth; Doerffer, Tina
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Leadership Approaches - Development - Trends (eBook, ePUB)

Maria Stippler Sadie Moore Seth Rosenthal Tina Doerffer 

eBook, ePUB
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Leadership Approaches - Development - Trends (eBook, ePUB)

Everyone is talking about leadership but what are the common approaches, camps, and theories? What is current, what are the new classics, and what is obsolete? The crisis and the latest Web 2.0 developments have not rendered the topic any less relevant. Which school of thought is closest to yours? Which approach informs your actions as a manager? The five-part "Leadership" reader, with its overview of approaches, developments and trends, provides references and guidance to help you anchor your own point of view. Our aim is to provide support to you in your daily, practical work with your executive board, colleagues and employees, and to contribute to the discussion of leadership in Germany.

Read Part 1: Earliest Theories, Part 2: Systemic Leadership, Part 3: Leadership as a Relational Phenomenon, Transformational Leadership, Values and Ethics, Part 4: Motivation, Power and Psyche and Part 5: Leadership Today. The publication is available as an ebook.


  • ISBN-13: 9783867934008
  • ISBN-10: 3867934002
  • Best.Nr.: 37134026
Maria Stippler is currently training to be a psychotherapist. Sadie Moore is the director of training at Coro Southern California, part of a national organization that prepares diverse groups of individuals for effective and ethical leadership in public affairs. Seth A. Rosenthal is the director of public opinion research for the Merriman River Group. Tina Dorffer is project manager at Bertelsmann Stiftung and is responsible for its Leadership Series.

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