Spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Spinal cord injury rehabilitation based on orthoses, wheelchair, external powered device, functional electrical stimulat

Mohammad Karimi 

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Spinal cord injury rehabilitation

This book contains 8 chapters which focuses on various aspects of SCI rehabilitation. It has been tried that students can answer to the following questions after reading the book. 1) What is SCI? 2) How much is the functional significant of SCI? 3) What are the most popular methods of rehabilitation of SCI disorder? 4) How can the performance of SCI subjects be evaluated? 5) Which is the best available orthosis for SCI? What are the next steps for rehabilitation of SCI subjects?


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This is the first edition of the book published by the author regarding rehabilitation of subjects with spinal cord injury (SCI) disorder. In this book the functional performance of the SCI subjects is discussed in details. Moreover, various types of orthoses, and external powered systems were discussed.
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