Numerical Methods for Electromagnetic Scattering byLarge Structures

from Progressive Numerical Method to ProjectionIterative Method

Qiubo Ye 

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Numerical Methods for Electromagnetic Scattering byLarge Structures

Engineers and researchers have long been interested
in efficiently modeling electromagnetic (EM)
scattering by electrically large structures. The
integral-equation-based Method of Moments results in
linear algebraic equations with large coefficient
matrices that require excessive computer storage and
execution time. The accumulation of errors while
inverting large matrices greatly impairs the accuracy
of the solution. The objective of the research aims
at making progress in this area. This book proposes
and analyses the progressive numerical method (PNM)
and the projection iterative method (PIM), including
formulations, operation counts, stopping criteria,
and their connection. In applications, the PNM works
fine for 2-D problems and can depress internal
resonances. The PIM is successful for both 2- and 3-D
problems. Both methods avoid matrix inversion by
dividing the object and using iteration, thus saving
computer memory and time. This monograph is an
important reference for university professors,
graduate students and professional engineers with
work or research involving numerical modeling for EM
scattering, especially by large structures.


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Bachelor (Hefei University of Tech.), Master (North ChinaElectric Power University), and Ph.D. (University of Manitoba).Project Leader/Research Scientist (Communications Research CentreCanada), R&D Engineer (Zeland, 2000-01), Visiting AssistantProfessor (Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech., 2001-02). Researchinterests: EM modeling, UWB antennas.
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