Access Denied

Patterns of consumer internet information search and the effects of internet search expertise

Teemu Ylikoski 

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Access Denied

The Internet is said to improve the consumer s position in relation to businesses. This is said to result from the improved accessibility of consumer information and, consequently, better decision-making. However, certain difficulties hinder the way to the improved situation. The Internet brings about completely new types of difficulty for consumers, as it is an entirely consumer-driven setting. The study argues that consumers Internet search patterns largely determine the information to which the consumer has access. The relevance of this information is vital it is only used in a decision if it is perceived to match the consumer s information needs. Access to relevant online information requires an ability to identify and choose appropriate search patterns. The focus is thus on the patterns of Internet search and Internet search expertise.


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Ph.D. (Econ.) Teemu Ylikoski has a broad background in research, expert positions as well as in teaching and training. He has worked in marketing planning, market research, advertising, and trusteeship. He has extensive experience in teaching and training bothin academia and business.
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