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1. The geographic and environmental background; 2. Before cultivation: human origins and the incipient development of human culture in China; 3. The transition to food production: variability and processes; 4. The development of agriculture and sedentary life in north China; 5. The shift to agriculture and sedentism in central and south China; 6. The emergence and development of sociopolitical complexity; 7. Stepping into history; 8. The Shang dynasty: the emergence of the state in China; 9. Regional variation and interregional interactions during the Bronze Age: 'center and periphery' or 'interaction spheres'?; 10. The societies and cultures of the Zhou period: processes of globalization and the genesis of local identities; 11. The son of heaven and the creation of a bureaucratic empire.
'The Archaeology of Early China is the most up-to-date synthesis of major developments in China from human origins to the early Imperial period. Readable and concise, it emphasizes mobility and interaction in different eras and eloquently sets a new standard for critical evaluation of the interpretation of archaeological data.' Rowan Flad, Harvard University, Massachusetts