Business Communication: Rethinking Your Professional Practice for the Post-Digital Age - Hartley, Peter; Chatterton, Peter
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Introduction1. Developing your Communication: Deciding where to start 2. How Should we Analyse Communication? 3. What does Communication Mean?4. How is Communication Affected by the Organisational Context? 5. How Should we Plan and Organise Professional and Business Writing? 6. What is an Effective Writing Style? 7. Effective Design and Visual Aids 8. What Makes Documents Effective? 9. What is Effective Interpersonal Communication? 10. How do Interpersonal Skills Work in Practice? 11. How can we Organise Effective Meetings? 12. How can we Plan and Deliver Effective Presentations? 13. How can we Build Effective Teams? 14. Change, Communication and Future-gazing
'Much more than a book, this is an interactive guide to allow you not only to enhance your practice as a communicator in the digital age, it also enables you to assess the impact that new communication technologies, such as videoconferencing and texting, can have on your organisation and its culture. As such, it opens up a whole set of new possibilities for all leaders to update andimprove their effectiveness in an increasingly crucial area.' - Phil Radcliff, Associate Fellow, Henley Business School, UK 'The authors successfully provide practical ideas and advice on improving business communications, emphasising the importance of context in an environment of rapid technological change. Its structure and content reflect a deep understanding of communications and of the potential of 'new' technologies. It will be of great benefit to multiple audiences seeking to develop their careers.' - Peter Bullen, Emeritus Professor, University of Hertfordshire, UK 'I am responsible at the institution I work at for internal communications. Our staff and students say they receive too much communication but then say they don't know about anything. Fundamentally different approaches to getting key information across are needed and this book provides much food for thought that I believe will help in developing practical solutions to making communication in the business context more effective' - Gunter Saunders, Professor, The University of Westminster, UK