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1. Introduction.- 2. Historical Background.- 3. Current Developments and Political Trends.- 4. Defining Religious Cultural Heritage in Europe.- 5. Typology of Protected Elements.- 6. Criteria of Protection.- 7. The Status of Res Mixtae.- 8. European and International Legislation.- 9. Select National Legislations.- 10. Conclusion.
"This book adds to Tsivolas's scholarly credentials and is a clearly written study of comparative law that examines the national legislation of twelve European countries. It is a welcome and valuable contribution that offers a fascinating dialogue among law, culture and religion, and consequently, the book will be of great interest to all academics and students working in the area of the typology of church-state relations in Europe and who explore the intersections of law, religion, and culture." (George Androutsopoulos, Journal of Church and State, Vol. 57 (4), 2015)