Doctor Who-The 50th Anniversary Collection - Ost/Original Soundtrack Tv
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CD 1
1Doctor Who (Original Theme)00:02:20
2Three guitars mood 2 ("An unearthly child")00:02:03
3TARDIS takeoff (Short Version) ("An unearthly child")00:00:49
4Forest atmosphere ("The Daleks")00:01:07
5Forest with creature ("The Daleks")00:00:54
6City music 1 + 2 ("The Daleks")00:00:56
7The Daleks ("The Daleks")00:00:32
8Dalek control room ("The Daleks")00:00:34
9The ambush ("The Daleks")00:02:00
10Capsule oscillation (Dalek destructor fuse / Bomb countdown) ("The daleks")00:00:19
11Explosion, TARDIS stops ("The edge of destruction")00:01:10
12Sleeping machine ("The keys of marinus")00:00:52
13Dalek spaceship lands ("The chase")00:00:17
14TARDIS lands ("The chase")00:00:11
15Chumbley (Constant run) ("Galaxy 4")00:00:27
16Chumbley at rest ("Galaxy 4")00:00:28
17Marche ("Galaxy 4")00:02:40
18A strange sickness ("The Dalek's master plan")00:00:44
19Growing menace ("The Dalek's master plan")00:02:08
20The ballad of the last chance saloon (Excerpts) ("The gunfighters")00:03:51
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CD 2
1Doctor Who (Opening Title Theme)00:00:44
2Nerva beacon infrastructure and t-mat couch ("The ark in space")00:01:42
3Revenge of the cybermen ("Revenge of the cybermen")00:05:28
4The destruction of Charlie Rig ("Terror of the Zygons")00:00:42
5A landing in Scotland ("Terror of the Zygons")00:01:22
6The Zygons attack ("Terror of the Zygons")00:00:51
7The android invasion (Episode 3 & 4) ("The android invasion")00:06:32
8The planet karn ("The brain of Morbius")00:01:50
9Antarctica: The first pod ("The seed of doom")00:02:17
10Get Dunbar! / Krynoid on the loose ("The seed of doom")00:02:55
11The mandragora helix ("The masque of mandragora")00:01:26
12The invasion of time (Episode 3 & 4) ("The invasion of time")00:05:36
13Doctor Who (Closing Title Theme)00:01:15
14Doctor Who 1980 (Opening Titles)00:00:38
15Into Argolis ("The leisure hive")00:01:44
16Full circle: K9 on a mission ("Full circle")00:00:35
17Nyssa's theme ("The keeper of traken")00:00:41
18It's the end... ("Logopolis")00:03:18
19Doctor Who 1980 (Closing Titles)00:01:16
20Castrovalva (Suite) ("Castrovalva")00:03:18
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CD 3
1The twin dilemma (Suite) ("The twin dilemma")00:04:04
2The mark of the Rani (Suite) ("The mark of the Rani")00:03:45
3The two doctors (Suite) ("The two doctors")00:03:15
4Timelash (Suite) ("Timelash")00:05:51
5Revelation of the Daleks (Suite) ("Revelation of the Daleks")00:03:53
6Doctor Who (1986)00:02:53
7The mysterious planet (Suite) ("The trial of a time lord: The mysterious planet")00:03:21
8Terror of the Vervoids (Suite) ("The trial of a time lord: Terror of the Vervoids")00:02:44
9The ultimate foe (Suite) ("The trial of a time lord: The ultimate foe")00:03:16
10Doctor Who (1987)00:02:38
11Time and the Rani ("Time and the Rani")00:01:38
12Here's to the future ("Delta and the bannermen")00:01:57
13Dragonfire ("Dragonfire")00:03:02
14Remembrance of the Daleks ("Remembrance of the Daleks")00:05:32
15The greatest show in the galaxy ("The greatest show in the galaxy")00:03:23
16Battlefield ("Battlefield")00:04:41
17The curse of Fenric ("The curse of Fenric")00:06:35
18Survival ("Survival")00:05:28
19...And somewhere else, the tea's getting cold ("Survival")00:00:24
20Skaro (Prologue) / Doctor Who theme ("Doctor Who - the television movie")00:01:34
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