Film Music Of Hans Zimmer - Ost-Original Soundtrack
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CD 1
1Symphonic Suite (From Movie "Gladiator")00:07:18
2Now We Are Free (From Movie "Gladiator") (Vocal Version)00:04:21
3The Village (From Movie "The Thin Red Line")00:06:11
4Main Title From Thelma & Louise (From Movie "Thelma & Louise")00:02:54
5Chevaliers De Sangreal (From Movie "The Da Vinci Code")00:04:07
6Kyrie For The Magdalene (From Movie "The Da Vinci Code")00:03:53
7Las Vegas (From Movie "Rain Man")00:04:23
8Main Theme From Rain Man (From Movie "Rain Man")00:03:10
9Main Title From Days Of Thunder (From Movie "Days Of Thunder")00:04:41
10Heart Of The Volunteer (From Movie "Pearl Harbour")00:03:49
11Suite (From Movie "The Last Samurai")00:06:29
CD 2
1Roll Tide (From Movie "Crimson Tide")00:04:07
2Eternal Father, Strong To Save (From Movie "Crimson Tide")00:01:21
3Restless Elephants (From Movie "Green Card")00:06:13
4Walking Talking Man (From Movie "Regarding Henry")00:03:34
5Eptesicus (From Movie "Batman Begins")00:04:52
6Vide Cor Meum (From Movie "Hannibal")00:03:01
7You're So Cool (From Movie "True Romance")00:03:43
8End Title From Driving Miss Daisy (From Movie "Driving Miss Daisy")00:04:55
9Main Theme from The Rock (From Movie "The Rock")00:05:06
10The Kraken (From Movie "Pirates Of The Carebbean: Dead Man's Chest")00:05:01
11Symphonic Suite (From Movie "Pirates Of The Carebbean: The Cruise Od The Black Pearl")00:07:41
12Now We Are Free (Instrumental Version) (From Movie "Gladiator")00:06:06