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"Kai-Fu Lee's smart analysis on human-AI coexistence is clear-eyed and a must-read. We must look deep within ourselves for the values and wisdom to guide AI's development." - Satya Nadella , Microsoft CEO "Kai-Fu Lee is at the forefront of the coming AI revolution helping us transcend the limitations of thought, reach, and vision while playing a pivotal role in China's burgeoning technological ecosystem. This seminal book on AI is a must read for anyone serious about understanding the future of our species." - Peter H. Diamandis , MD; Executive Founder, Singularity University, and bestselling author of Abundance and BOLD "AI is surpassing human intelligence in more and more domains, and is transforming the planet. Kai-fu Lee has been at the epicenter of the AI revolution for 30 years and has now written the definitive guide." - Erik Brynjolfsson , Professor, MIT and bestselling co-author of The Second Machine Age and Machine Platform Crowd " Kai-Fu Lee may have the most comprehensive view of the global technology scene of any living person." - Alan Murray , Fortune CEO Daily