Rock-A-Billy,Rock And Roll & Hillibilly - Diverse
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  • Anzahl: 10 Audio CDs
  • Anzahl: 10 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 29. Oktober 2010
  • Hersteller: Membran,
  • Gesamtlaufzeit: 441 Min.
  • EAN: 4011222330840
  • Artikelnr.: 32108094
CD 1
1Good rockin' tonight00:02:15
2Baby don't go00:02:08
3Move it on over00:02:48
4Rock it00:02:15
5Sweet sweet girl00:02:07
6Rock-ola ruby00:02:20
8Rockin' daddy00:02:03
9Rock 'n' roll ruby00:02:53
10My boy Elvis00:02:10
11Don't mean maybe, baby00:02:24
12White bucks and saddle shoes00:02:07
13Lotta lovin'00:02:10
14Everybody's rockin'00:01:57
15Guitar Rock And Roll (Instrumental)00:02:26
16Rockin' country style00:02:12
17Everybody's rockin' but me00:02:12
18Honey bop00:02:15
19Get rhythm00:02:13
20Lonesome train00:02:02
CD 2
1Rockin' in the Congo00:02:22
2Rock the bop00:02:12
3Party doll00:02:13
4Blue moon of Kentucky00:02:04
5Rock around with Ollie Vee00:02:13
7No no baby00:02:20
8Shortnin' bread00:01:56
9Hip shakin' mama00:01:52
10Tear it up00:01:54
11Be bop baby00:02:15
12You're my baby00:02:08
13I need a man00:02:53
14Bop bop ba doo bop00:02:09
15Bop crazy baby00:01:42
16Boppin' the blues00:02:51
17Hot and cold00:02:08
18Moo mama00:01:56
19Cool cat00:01:53
20You're my big baby now00:02:23
CD 3
1Dancing doll00:01:58
2Go away hound dog00:02:10
3Cat music00:02:11
4Catty town00:02:11
5Babys loves him00:02:01
6Watch dog00:02:07
7Go cat go00:02:01
8Cry Cry Cry00:02:28
9Whistle bait00:01:36
1099 Chicks00:01:59
11Rawhide (Instrumental)00:02:07
12Tom catin' around00:02:19
13Honky tonk hardwood floor00:02:20
14Ugly and slouchy00:02:14
15Snatch it and grab it00:01:49
16Mister Blues00:02:26
17Drugstore rock 'n' roll00:02:08
18Pink and black00:02:00
19Cat just got in town00:01:47
20That's All Right, Mama00:01:56