The Width of a Circle, 2 Audio-CDs
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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 5. Juni 2021
  • Hersteller: I-DI / Warner,
  • EAN: 0190295082260
  • Artikelnr.: 61468209
CD 1
1Amsterdam (Live 5th February 1970)00:03:31
2God knows I'm good (Live 5th February 1970)00:03:35
3Buzz the Fuzz (Live 5th February 1970)00:03:27
4Karma man (Live 5th February 1970)00:04:10
5London bye, ta-ta (Live 5th February 1970)00:03:21
6An occasional dream (Live 5th February 1970)00:03:23
7The width of a circle (Live 5th February 1970)00:05:54
8Janine (Live 5th February 1970)00:04:01
9Wild eyed boy from Freecloud (Live 5th February 1970)00:04:42
10Unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed (Live 5th February 1970)00:06:27
11Fill your heart (Live 5th February 1970)00:03:10
12The prettiest star (Live 5th February 1970)00:03:18
13Cygnet committee (Live 5th February 1970)00:09:18
14Memory of a free festival (Live 5th February 1970)00:03:42
CD 2
1When I live my dream00:03:37
4Threepenny Pierrot00:01:57
5When I live my dream (Reprise)00:01:55
6The prettiest star (Alternative Mix)00:03:10
7London bye, ta-ta00:02:40
8London bye, ta-ta (1970 Stereo Mix)00:02:39
9Memory of a free festival (Single Version Part 1)00:04:03
10Memory of a free festival (Single Version Part 2)00:03:34
11Holy holy00:03:13
12Waiting for the man (Live 25th March 1970)00:05:43
13The width of a circle (Live 25th March 1970)00:05:38
14Wild eyed boy from Freecloud (Live 25th March 1970)00:04:45
15The supermen (Live 25th March 1970)00:03:21
16The presttiest star (2020 Mix)00:03:34
17London bye, ta-ta (2020 Mix)00:02:42
18Memory of a free festival (Single Version - 2020 Mix)00:05:23
19All the madmen (Single Edit - 2020 Mix)00:03:27
20Holy holy (2020 Mix)00:03:28