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The Complete Bbc Session - Led Zeppelin
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  • Anzahl: 3 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 16. September 2016
  • Hersteller: I-Di,
  • EAN: 0081227943899
  • Artikelnr.: 45438387
CD 1
1You Shook Me (23/3/69 Top Gear)00:05:11
2I Can't Quit You Baby (23/3/69 Top Gear)00:04:23
3Communication Breakdown (22/6/69 Pop Sundae)00:03:12
4Dazed And Confused (23/3/69 Top Gear)00:06:39
5The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair (22/6/69 Pop Sundae)00:03:03
6What Is And What Should Never Be (29/6/69 Top Gear)00:04:20
7Communication Breakdown (29/6/69 Top Gear)00:02:40
8Travelling Riverside Blues (29/6/69 Top Gear)00:05:08
9Whole Lotta Love (29/6/69 Top Gear)00:06:11
10Somethin' Else (22/6/69 Pop Sundae)00:06:11
11Communication Breakdown (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)00:03:05
12I Can't Quit You Baby (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)00:06:21
13You Shook Me (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)00:10:13
14How Many More Times (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)00:11:36
CD 2
1Immigrant Song (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:03:20
2Heartbreaker (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:05:16
3Since I've Been Loving You (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:06:56
4Black Dog (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:05:17
5Dazed And Confused (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:18:37
6Stairway To Heaven (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:08:49
7Going To California (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:03:55
8That's The Way (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:05:43
9A mess of blues
10Thank You (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:06:38
CD 3
1Communication Breakdown (23/3/69 Top Gear)00:03:00
2What Is And What Should Never Be (22/6/69 Pop Sundae)00:04:15
3Dazed And Confused (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)00:11:08
4White Summer (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)00:08:23
5What Is And What Should Never Be (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:04:44
6Communication Breakdown (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)00:04:55
7I Can't Quit You Baby (14/4/69 Rhythm & Blues Session)00:05:27
8You Shook Me (14/4/69 Rhythm & Blues Session)00:04:10
9Sunshine Woman (14/4/69 Rhythm & Blues Session)00:03:06