Original Album Classics - De Burgh,Chris
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CD 1
1The Moonfleet Overture00:05:02
2The Village Of Moonfleet... (Narration)00:01:27
3The Light On The Bay00:01:58
4Have A Care00:02:52
5For Two Days And Nights... (Narration)00:01:14
6Go Where Your Heart Believes00:04:12
7The Escape00:04:19
8And So It Was... (Narration)00:00:29
9The Days Of Our Age00:01:54
10The Secret Of The Locket00:03:33
11With Heavy Heart... (Narration)00:00:36
12My Heart's Surrender00:04:10
13Treasure And Betrayal00:03:44
14Moonfleet Bay00:03:06
15The Storm00:03:23
16Greater Love00:03:29
17In The Years That Followed... (Narration)00:01:23
18The Moonfleet Finale00:03:01
19Everywhere I Go00:03:37
20The Nightingale00:03:47
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CD 2
1Waiting For The Hurricane00:02:57
2Tender Hands00:03:59
3Fatal Hesitation00:03:30
4Love & Time00:04:10
6Living On The Island00:02:52
7It's Such A Long Way Home00:03:04
8Where We Will Be Going00:04:19
10Fire On Water00:03:03
11Suddenly Love00:03:11
12I Will00:03:10
13I'm Not Scared Anymore00:03:44
CD 3
1The Hands of Man00:04:45
2There Goes My Heart Again00:03:24
3Big City Sundays00:03:26
4Where would I be?00:04:00
5The ghost of old King Richard00:02:54
6The Candlestick00:03:42
7Through these eyes00:03:02
8The Keeper of the Keys00:04:53
10Letting go00:03:18
11When the dream is over00:03:36
12Empty Rooms00:03:36
13The Bridge00:04:20
14The Fields of Agincourt00:05:05
15One More Goodbye00:03:15