Billy Talent-10th Anniversary Edition - Billy Talent
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CD 1
1This Is How It Goes00:03:27
2Living in the shadows00:03:15
3Try Honesty00:04:14
4Line And Sinker00:03:37
6The Ex00:02:40
7River Below00:03:00
8Standing In The Rain00:03:20
9Cut the curtains00:03:50
10Prisoners Of Today00:03:53
11Nothing To Lose00:03:38
12Voices of violence00:03:10
13Keine Titelinformation (Data Track)
CD 2
1This Is How It Goes (Demo)00:03:07
2Living in the shadows (Demo)00:03:15
3Try Honesty (Demo)00:04:03
4Line And Sinker (Live at Nova Rock Festival - Burgenland, Austria 2007)00:04:50
5Lies (Live Acoustic)00:03:05
6The Ex (Demo)00:02:36
7River Below (Live At The Orange Lounge - Toronto, Canada 2007)00:03:00
8Standing In The Rain (Live Session at Metalworks - Mississauga, Canada 2010)00:03:34
9Cut the curtains (Demo)00:03:38
10Prisoners Of Today (Demo)00:03:43
11Nothing To Lose (Live at Phillipshalle)00:03:59
12Voices Of Violence (Live at Norwegian Wood Festival - Oslo, Norway 2008)00:03:48