25 - Bad Boys Blue
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CD 1
1Come back and stay (Re-Recorded 2010)00:04:04
2Kisses and tears (My one and only) (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:32
3Hungry for love (Re-Recorded 2010)00:04:10
4A train to nowhere (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:34
5You're a woman (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:44
6I don't know her name (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:14
7I totally miss you (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:48
8Gimme gimme your lovin' (Little lady) (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:34
9A world without you (Michelle) (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:32
10Heart of midnight (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:22
11I wanna hear your heartbeat (Sunday girl) (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:46
12Lonely weekend (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:46
13Lady in black (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:48
14When our love was young (Re-Recorded 2010)00:04:00
15Don't walk away, Suzanne (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:26
16From heart to heart (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:18
CD 2
1House of silence (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:42
2I'm not a fool (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:12
3Queen of hearts (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:52
4Don't leave me now (Re-Recorded 2010)00:04:18
5Pretty young girl (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:48
6Hold you in my arms (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:54
7Lovers in the sand (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:50
8Baby blue (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:52
9Save your love (Re-Recorded 2010)00:03:56
10Still in love (2010) (Acoustic Vocal Mix)00:03:12
11Gimme gimme your lovin' (Little lady) (2010) (Alex Twister Edit)00:03:40
12A train to nowhere (2010) (Andy Matern Edit)00:03:29
13You're a woman (2010) (MS Project Remix Edit)00:03:34
14A world without you (Michelle) (2010) (Hideout Mix)00:04:54
15Pretty young girl (2010) (Alex Twister Edit)00:03:24
16Come back and stay (2010) (MS Project Remix Edit)00:04:15
CD 3
1Come back and stay (2010) (Video) (MS Project Cut)
2Come back and stay (Video) (Alex Twister Cut)
3Still in love (Video)