Postformal Education (eBook, PDF) - Gidley, Jennifer M.
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1 Introduction.- PART I AN EVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO EDUCATION.- 2 Cultural Evolution: Past, Present and Futures.- 3 Psychological Developmental: Child and Adolescent.- 4 Evolving Education: Pre-formal and Formal.- PART II POSTFORMAL PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION: A DIALOGUE.- 5 Postformal in Psychology: Beyond Piaget's Formal Operations .- 6 Postformalism in Education: Beyond the Formal Factory Model.- 7 A Boundary-Crossing Dialogue of Postformal Futures.- PART III AN EVOLVING POSTFORMAL EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY.- 8 Pedagogical Love: An Evolutionary Force.- 9 Pedagogical Life: A Sustaining Force.- 10 Pedagogical Wisdom: A Creative Force.- 11 Pedagogical Voice: An Empowering Force.- 12 Meta-Reflections.- Index.
"This is a Very Important Book; the reader gets an early sense that this is one of those books that takes itself really seriously, throws a massive arc in terms of content and purpose, and is out to change the world. In short, Jennifer Gidley is on a mission and Postformal Education is her manifesto." (Giles Barrow, Pastoral Care in Education, February, 2019)

"This offers the readers the possibility of a radical change in their thoughts about education, from solid theories that open new ways of thinking the education of children and young people in the face of a proposal of a postformal education. ... Gidley's commitment to writing a work that is transformative stands out. ... the book is recommended to all those interested in philosophy of education, developmental psychology and education professionals ... ." (Everton M. Batisteti, REMIE: Multidisciplinary Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 18 (1), February, 2018)

"It is tremendously exciting to connect with education in this "zone" and indeed moments of deep fascination and stimulating speculations have accompanied my reading of this book. ... Altogether the ambition of this volume is enormous. ... It is an important book for the rarity of its subject matter and ought to be paid attention." (Helen E. Lees, Other Education - The Journal of Educational Alternatives, Vol. 7 (1), 2018)
"Few books offer such a broad scope of transdisciplinary scholarship, nor attempt to defend an education which takes aim at 'planet-sized' problems. Postformal Education: A Philosophy for Complex Futures is such a book. ... this text represents a timely wake up call for universities and university scholars to consider what these orthodox institutions could learn from risking engagement with the peripheries." (Daniella J. Forster, Policy Futures in Education, June, 2017)

"This book synthesizes an extraordinary wealth of research and educational philosophy. ... we have rigorous research from philosophers, scientists, psychologists, educators, sociologists, all drawn together in this far reaching book. ... Everyone interested in a better future should read this book." (David K. Scott, Research Bulletin, Vol. 22 (1), 2017)

"Jennifer Gidley has produced a work that repays studying. ... It is a book to stir up our thinking and the education system." (Phil Hadridge, Foresight, Vol. 19 (1), 2017)

"I believe it may be most appropriate for researchers, academics and post-graduate students in education, consciousness and cultural studies. Accordingly, Gidley's new book is a welcome addition to existing educational literature that is focused on forward thinking, sustainability and innovation ... ." (Marian de Souza, International Journal of Children's Spirituality, Vol. 22 (2), April, 2017)

"The book will appeal to educational philosophers and researchers, educators and teachers, developmental and educational psychologists, educational administrators, and anyone else with interest in transformative educational theories designed for the 21st century. ... [Gidley] joins the chorus of voices calling for a planet-wide call to action to transform education and makes a distinct, inspiring, and significant contribution." (Gabrielle Donnelly, Journal of Transformative Education, Vol. 15 (4), 2017)

"Material that Jennifer Gidley has marshalled and organised into this book is positively breathtaking. If you are looking for a book which gives as thorough a survey of the global educational landscape as could be wished for, you need look no further. ... if you are trying to work creatively in education and you want to know who your allies are in the fight against the 'audit culture' of modern factory-style education, then you need to read this book." (Norman Skillen, RoSE - Research on Steiner Education, Vol. 8 (1), 2017)