A Phenomenology of Musical Absorption (eBook, PDF) - Høffding, Simon
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Chapter 1. Introduction.- Part I: Meeting the Danish String Quartet.- Chapter 2. How Should We Study Musical Absorption? The Phenomenological Interview.- Chapter 3. From Ragdoll to Battle Commander: The Experience of Musical Absorption.- Chapter 4. A Topography of Muscial Absorption.- Part II: Comparative Perspectives.- Chapter 5. Expertise, Mind Wandering, and Amnesia.- Chapter 6. Artistic and Aesthetic Experience.- Chapter 7. Flow.- Chapter 8. Dreaming and Sleeping.- Chapter 9. Schizophrenia and Ipseity Disturbances.- Part III. Phenomenological Underpinnings of the Musically Extended Mind.- Chapter 10. Performative Passivity.- Chapter 11. The Hive Mind: Playing Together.- Chapter 12.Conclusions.