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Galbladder and Biliary Ducts.- Head and Neck.- Colon and Rectum.- Oesophagus.- Gynecology.- Lymphomas and Thymomas.- Breast.- Melanoma.- Pancreas.- Lung.- Stomach.- Urinary Tract_.
"This book provides to students and experts in nuclear medicine, radiology and oncology, but also to all other clinicians interested in better understanding the clinical role of PET/FDG in oncology, a guidance for the interpretation of the images, which correlate anatomical and functional data. ... a clinically valuable report correctly answering the diagnostic query is obtained. ... useful for all physicians who are in charge of oncological patients to contextualize, explain and communicate the results obtained with PET/CT ... ." (Vania Mallardo, European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Vol. 42, 2015)