Stay Hungry - Twisted Sister
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CD 1
1Stay hungry00:03:04
2We're not gonna take it00:03:39
3Burn in hell00:04:42
4Street Justice
5I wanna rock00:03:03
6The price00:03:49
7Don't let me down00:04:27
8The beast00:03:31
CD 2
1Death from above00:02:42
2Prime motivator00:02:25
3We're not gonna take it (Early Demo)00:02:47
4Death run00:01:45
5This one's for you00:02:00
6S.M.F. (Early Demo)00:02:14
7We're coming on00:01:42
8Call my name00:02:10
9Burn in hell (Early Demo)00:05:08
10Pay the price00:01:42
11What's love without you00:01:44
12Our voice will be heard00:01:29
13You got to fight00:01:39
14The price (Early Demo)00:02:36
15Stay hungry (Early Demo)00:01:58
16Kmet radio spot00:00:24
18Lollipop guild00:00:30