Ferdinand Lamothe - Jelly Roll Morton

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  • Anzahl: 3 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 14. November 2014
  • Hersteller: Harmonia Mundi,
  • EAN: 3149024240423
  • Artikelnr.: 41654627
CD 1
1Mr. Jelly Lord00:04:07
2Tin Roof Blues00:03:01
3Tom cat blues00:03:19
4London Blues00:03:22
5King Porter stomp00:03:33
6Shreveport Stomp00:04:45
7Stratford hunch00:03:51
8Grandpa's spells00:03:39
9Sweet Man00:03:30
10The pearls00:02:52
11Sweetheart O'mine00:02:56
12Fat meat and greens00:02:59
13Midnight mama00:04:05
14Black Bottom Stomp00:03:09
15The chant00:03:21
16Sidewalk blues00:03:33
17Someday, Sweetheart00:03:32
18Doctor Jazz00:03:30
19Cannon ball blues00:02:58
20Billy goat stomp00:03:29
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CD 2
1Georgia Swing00:02:34
2Shoe Shiner's Drag00:03:30
3Red Hot Pepper00:03:11
5Seattle hunch00:03:18
7Courthouse bump00:03:04
8Pretty Lil00:03:15
9Sweet Anita mine00:02:48
10New Orleans Bump00:03:29
11Down my way00:03:20
12Tank town bump00:03:15
13Sweet Peter00:02:45
14Jersey Joe00:02:24
15Mississippi Mildred00:02:55
16That's like it ought to be00:02:57
17Each day00:02:54
18If someone would only love me00:03:43
19That'll never do00:02:55
20Little Lawrence00:02:58
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CD 3
1Oh, didn't he ramble?00:03:12
2High society00:02:49
3I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say00:03:14
4Winin' boy blues00:03:13
5Climax rag00:02:28
6West End Blues00:02:54
7Ballin' the jack00:02:17
8Sporting house rag00:02:23
9Original Rags00:02:59
10The Crave00:03:06
11Mister Joe00:02:50
12Buddy Bolden's blues00:02:46
13The naked dance00:02:51
14Don't you leave me here00:02:50
15Michigan water blues00:03:01
16Sweet Substitute00:02:55
18Good old New York00:02:47
19Big Lip Blues00:03:13
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