Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems
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Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems publishes the proceedings of the 2006 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications. The book focuses on the integration of communication and navigation systems in satellites.

Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems publishes the proceedings of the 2006 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications. The book focuses on the integration of communication and navigation systems in satellites.
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Enrico Del Re was born in Florence, Italy. He received the Dr. Ing. degree in electronics engineering from the University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy, in 1971.

Until 1975 he was engaged in public administration and private firms, involved in the analysis and design of the telecommunication and air traffic control equipment and space systems. Since 1975 he has been with the Department of Electronics Engineering of the University of Florence, Florence, Italy, first as a Research Assistant, then as an Associate Professor, and since 1986 as Professor. During the academic year 1987-1988 he was on leave from the University of Florence for a nine-month period of research at the European Space Research and Technology Centre of the European Space Agency, The Netherlands. His main research interest are digital signal processing, mobile and satellite communications and communication networks, on which he has published more than 300 papers, in international journals and conferences. He is the Co-editor of the book Satellite Integrated Communications Networks (North-Holland, 1988), one of the authors of the book Data Compression and Error Control Techniques with Applications (Academic, 1985) and the editor of the books Mobile and Personal Communications (Elsevier, 1995), Software Radio Technologies and Services (Springer, 2001), Satellite Personal Communications for Future-Generation Systems (Springer, 2002) and Mobile and Personal Satellite Communications 5-EMPS2002 (IIC, Italy, 2002) . He has been the Chairman of the European Project COST 227 "Integrated Space/Terrestrial Mobile Networks" (1992-95) and the EU COST Action 252 "Evolution of satellite personal communications from second to future generation systems" (1996-2000). He received the 1988/89 premium from the IEE (UK) for the paper "Multicarrier demodulator for digital satellite communication systems".

He is the head of the Digital Signal Processing and Telematics Laboratory of the Department of Electronics andTelecommunications of the University of Florence. He is Director of the Italian Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT).

Professor Del Re is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a member of the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP).
Trends of Communications and Navigation System Integration.- Network Centric Operations: The Role of Satellite Communications.- Comparison and Integration of GPS and SAR Data.- Integration of Navigation and Communication for Location and Context Aware RRM.- Convergence of Networks: An Aerospace-Friendly Strategic Vision.- The Monitor Project: A GNSS Based Platform for Land Monitoring and Civil Engineering Applications.- The Galileo C-Band Uplink for Integrity and Navigation Data.- A GPS/EGNOS Local Element Integrated with the VHF Communication Infrastructure Under Development in the POP-ART Project.- Optical Intersatellite Links Made Easier and Affordable by Precision 3D Spacecraft Localization via GPS/GNSS Constellations.- Navigation Satellite Technologies.- A Satellite for the Galileo Mission.- Galileo Rubidium Standard and Passive Hydrogen Maser Current Status and New Development.- China-Europe Co-Operation Agreements for Navigation: SART and LRR Developments.- The Impact of the Galileo Signal in Space in the Acquisition System.- The Aalborg GPS Software Defined Radio Receiver.- Ephemeris Interpolation Techniques for Assisted GNSS Services.- GNSS Based Attitude Determination Systems for High Altitude Platforms.- Galileo IOV System Initialization and LCVTT Technique Exploitation.- Impact of Atmosphere Turbulence on Satellite Navigation Signals.- GIOVE-A SIS Experimentation and Receiver Validation: Laboratory Activities at ESTEC.- Overview of Galileo Receivers.- Performance Assessment of the TurboDLL for Satellite Navigation Receivers.- Analysis of GNSS Signals using the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope.- First Results on Acquisition and Tracking of the GIOVE-A Signal-in-Space.- Precise Time Technology for Galileo 2006 TIWDC.- Girasole Receiver Development for Safety of Life Applications.- Galileo Performance Verification in IOV Phase.- Different Acquisition Algorithms for the Galileo L1 Signal with BOC(1,1) Modulation.- Satellite Navigation: Perspectives and Applications.- Galileo: Current Status, Prospects and Applications.- The Galileo Test Range.- Perspective of Galileo in Geophysical Monitoring: The Geolocalnet Project.- Common-View Technique Application: An Italian Use Case.- MARKAB: A Toolset to Analyze EGNOS SBAS Signal in Space for Civil Aviation.- Hybridization of GNSS Receivers with INS Systems for Terrestrial Applications in Airport Environment.- W Band Multi Application Payload for Space and Multiplanetary Missions.- GNSS Bit-True Signal Simulator. A Test Bed for Receivers and Applications.- RUNE (Railway User Navigation Equipment): Architecture & Tests.- GPS, Galileo and the Future of High Precision Services: An Interoperability Point of View.- GNSS ATC Interface.- Advanced Satellite Communications Systems & Services.- Advanced Satellite Communications Systems & Services.- QOS-Constrained MOP-Based Bandwidth Allocation Over Space Networks.- Carrier Pairing, a Technique for Increasing Interactive Satellite Systems Capacity. An Assessment of its Applicability to Different System Architectures.- Reconfigurability for Satellite Terminals: Feasibility and Convenience.- Link Cooperation Technique for DVB-S2 Downlink Reception with Mobile Terminals.- Broadband Mobile Satellite Services: The Ku-band Revolution.- Flower Constellations for Telemedicine Services.- Analysis of the Robustness of Filtered Multitone Modulation Schemes Over Satellite Channels.- VeRT Prototype Architecture and First Trials Campaign Results.- Perspectives in Satellite Communications.- ISI - The Integral SatCom Initiative Towards FP7.- Diversity Reception Over Correlated Ricean Fading Satellite Channels.- Application of Long Erasure Codes and ARQ Schemes for Achieving High Data Transfer Performance Over Long Delay Networks.- Interconnection of Laboratory Equipment via Satellite and Space Links: Investigating the Performance of Software Platforms for the Management of Measurement Instrumentation.- A Common Representation of QoS Levels for Re