25th Anniversary - Gina T.
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  • EAN: 4013127009531
  • Best.Nr.: 39523329
  • Artikeltyp: Musik
  • Anzahl: 2
  • Datenträger: CD
  • Erscheinungstermin: 11. Oktober 2013
  • Hersteller: Carlton Musikvertrieb
CD 1
1In my fantasy00:03:51
2You Really Got Me00:03:57
3Tokyo By Night00:03:44
4Summertime, Summertime00:03:33
5Too Young To Love00:03:29
6Love will survive00:03:46
7Hey Angel00:03:43
8Money For My Honey00:03:52
9Tonight's so cold00:03:47
10Birds Of Paradise00:03:42
11Te Quiero - I Love You00:03:53
12Now it's raining in the center of my heart00:04:39
CD 2
1Little butterfly00:03:58
2I don't like rainy days00:03:12
3The Window Of My Heart00:03:51
4In The Garden Of Broken Dreams00:03:49
5Baby blue00:04:08
6If You Go, My Love00:03:41
7Lady Saigon00:03:34
8Follow Me00:03:25
9Boy oh boy00:04:24
10I love to love you00:03:46
11Sail Over Seven Seas00:04:31
12Little butterfly00:03:32
13Kiss Me Goodbye00:03:50