Best Of Line Dance - Diverse
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CD 1
1I like it, I love it00:03:07
2Cotton Eye Joe00:03:09
3Little Miss Honky Tonk00:02:57
4I try to think about Elvis00:02:40
5Whose bed have your boots been under00:04:11
6God blessed Texas00:03:27
7Old pop in an oak00:03:34
9Honky Tonk Badonkadonk00:04:00
10Dance the night away00:04:18
11Five, six, seven, eight00:03:21
12Achy breaky heart00:03:22
13There's your trouble00:02:59
14Don't be stupid00:03:36
15Who's cheatin' who00:04:08
16Southern voice00:03:57
17Life is a highway00:04:28
18Good ride cowboy00:03:14
CD 2
1Godbye hit me right in the heart00:02:31
2Don't call me00:02:28
3Rock the boat00:02:21
4I wanna watch you dance all night00:03:38
53 time loser00:02:51
6I don't live in paradise00:02:36
7Line dancin' days00:03:27
8Parisian cowboy00:04:18
10You've been telling me lies00:02:55
11Everything's big in Texas ('cept for little ol me)00:03:14
12My heart keeps changing my mind00:02:42
13Daddy's got his blue jeans on00:02:30
14The hurting part00:04:06
15This don't feel like dancin'00:04:00
16Hillbilly rock, Hillbilly roll00:02:31
17Toe tappin' country man00:02:59
18Great big knockers00:02:50