Use of Extraterrestrial Resources for Human Space Missions to Moon or Mars (eBook, PDF) - Rapp, Donald
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 28.11.2012
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Part 1 - Mars ISRU: Human Missions to Mars.- Mars Resources.- Acquiring Compressed CO2.- Processes Utilizing Mainly CO2 from the Atmosphere.- The Sabatier/Electrolysis Process.- Obtaining H2O on Mars.- Obtaining Water from the Atmosphere.- Ancillary Needs for Mars ISRU.- Part 2: Lunar ISRU.- Lunar Resources.- Lunar ISRU Processes.- NASA Accomplishments and Plans.- Part 3. Value of ISRU: Value of Mars ISRU.- Value of Lunar ISRU.- Future Factors that could influence Mars ISRU.- Part 4. Refueling Spacecraft in LEO Using Propellants Derived from the Moon or Asteroids.- Introduction.- Value of Lunar Water in LEO.- Percentage of Water Mined on the Moon Transferred to LEO.- Refueling Spacecraft with Propellants Derived from Asteroids.- Part 5. Recent NASA Plans: Some History.- Recent NASA Planning.