World Of The Spirit/King Arthur Suite - Britten Singers/Hickox/Bbcp
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1An American Overture op. 2700:10:42
2King Arthur: Suite für Orchester
3Scherzo: Doom - Wild Dance - Death Music - Wild Dance00:07:26
4Variations: Galahad - Graal Music00:06:46
5Finale: Battle00:07:44
6The World of the Spirit (Text compiled by R. Ellis Roberts, adapted by Paul Hindmarsh)
7I will pour out my spirit on all flash00:00:15
8O Thou that movest all00:01:47
9The Comforter, the Holy Spirit00:02:11
10The Sun, the Moon, the Stars00:01:08
11And, behold, the Lord passed by00:00:34
12This is my commandment00:01:28
13With wide-embracing love00:02:42
14Lord make me see thy glory (Part 2: The Fruits of the Spirit)00:00:35
15O Life, O Love, now undivided00:04:05
16Where the Soirit of the Lord is, there is liberty00:00:11
17The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace00:00:38
18The fruit of the Spirit is love00:00:34
19One day in November 168200:01:09
20The fruit of the Spirit is faith00:00:24
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