Lady And The Tramp (Picture Disc) - Original Soundtrack
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1Main Title (Bella Notte)/The Wag of a Dog's Tail (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Soundtrack Version)00:02:03
2Peace On Earth (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Soundtrack Version)00:01:03
3Sunday/The Rat/Morning Paper (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Score)00:01:44
4A New Collar/Jock & Trusty/It's Jim Dear (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Score)00:03:18
5What a Day!/Breakfast at Tony's (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Score)00:01:05
6Warning/Breakout/Snob Hill/A Wee Bairn (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Score)00:02:45
7Countdown To B-Day (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Score)00:02:05
8Baby's First Morning/What Is a Baby/La La Lu (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Soundtrack Version)00:03:12
9The Siamese Cat Song/What's Going on Down There (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Soundtrack Version)00:02:36
10The Muzzle/Wrong Side of the Tracks (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Score)00:01:54
11You Poor Kid/He's Not My Dog (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Score)00:01:24
12Footloose & Collar-Free/Bella Notte (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Soundtrack Version)00:04:22
13Home Sweet Home (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Soundtrack Version)00:01:34
14What a Dog/He's a Tramp (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Soundtrack Version)00:02:27
15In the Doghouse/The Rat Returns/Falsely Accused/We've Got to Stop That Wagon/Trusty's Sacrifice (From "Lady and the)00:06:06
16Watch the Birdie/Visitors (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Score)00:02:06
17Finale (Peace on Earth) (From "Lady and the Tramp"/Soundtrack Version)00:00:30