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1Herio Bichebo From Earth, This Is Your Son00:03:42
2Theme From Bear's Kiss00:03:24
3Main Theme From The Crucibles00:03:17
4Theme From As You Like It00:05:49
5Theme From Don Quixote Var. I00:02:29
6Theme From Hamlet Var. I00:01:20
7Theme From King Lear00:01:56
8Theme From Don Quixote Var. II00:01:54
9Main Theme From Kin-Dza-Dza00:02:38
10Main Theme From The Role For A Beginner00:02:27
11Theme From Twelfth Night00:01:54
12Main Theme From Cinema00:01:34
13Theme From Hamlet Var. II00:01:32
14Waltz From Richard III00:02:10
15Theme From Mimino00:02:50
16Theme From Don Quixote Var. III00:01:43
17Main Theme From When Almonds Blossomed00:05:51
18Waltz From The Eccentrics00:03:08
19Theme From Hamlet Var. III00:04:12
20Herio Bichebo From Earth, This Is Your Son00:05:17