For Ever Fortune-Schott.Musik Im 18.Jh. - Lazarevitch/Les Musiciens De Saint-Julien/Getchel
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 1. April 2012
  • Hersteller: note 1 music gmbh,
  • EAN: 3760014195310
  • Artikelnr.: 35423952
1Saw na ye my Peggie00:02:59
2Johnnie Cope - Laughlan's lilt00:03:24
3MacCrimmon's lament00:02:34
4Princess royal - For ever fortune00:03:59
5Mrs. Judge00:01:51
6John Anderson my Jo00:03:16
7Kennet's dream00:03:45
8Etrick banks00:03:42
9The fyket - Miss Bisset Logierait's reel - Was ye at the bridal - The caadgers of the Cannongate00:02:40
10Benney side00:02:51
11Pearlin Peggie's bonny00:02:24
12The Gwin gad Albor00:02:00
13Adew Dundee00:02:32
14For our lang biding here - Joy gae wi' my love - The flaughter spade - Patrick McDonald's jig00:04:51
15Loch-Errich side00:01:54
16The flower of Edinburgh - Lady Mary Hay's scotch measure00:03:01
18Muirland willie00:03:46
19Moc Donogh's lamentation00:04:11
20The wawking of the fields - I wish I wou'd marry ma - An Caora crom - Ratha fair - Haud the lass till I come at her - ..00:05:31