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Characterization of the Subsurface Environment.- Selected Geochemical Processes.- Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds.- Organic Compounds.- Sorption, Retention, and Release of Contaminants.- Contaminant Partitioning in the Aqueous Phase.- Partitioning of Volatile Compounds.- Selected Research Findings: Contaminant Partitioning.- Water Flow in the Subsurface Environment.- Transport of Passive Contaminants.- Transport of Reactive Contaminants.- Selected Research Findings: Contaminant Transport.- Abiotic Contaminant Transformations in Subsurface Water.- Abiotic Transformation at the Solid-Liquid Interface.- Biologically Mediated Transformations.- Selected Research Findings: Transformations and Reactions.- Contaminant-Induced Irreversible Changes in Groundwater Chemistry.- Contaminant Impacts on the Soil-Subsurface Solid Phase.
"This new edition is specially enriched with data on water rock interaction with inorganic pollutants and nanoparticles. ... This book can be highly recommended. It is a helpful resource for those dealing with water chemistry and specifically with the geochemistry of organic pollutants. ... it is essential for those working in hydrogeology to evaluate this distribution pathway of contamination." (Andreas Winkler, Environmental Earth Sciences, Vol. 73, 2015)