Reclaiming the Rights of the Hobbesian Subject (eBook, PDF) - Curran, Eleanor
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  • Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan UK
  • Erscheinungstermin: 8. November 2007
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  • ISBN-13: 9780230592742
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Introduction PART I: THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT OF HOBBES'S POLITICAL THEORY Examining the Orthodoxy - Hobbes and Royalism The Political Context - Taking Sides PART II: HOBBES'S THEORY OF RIGHTS: THE TEXTUAL ARGUMENT Liberties and Claims - Rights and Duties The Full Right to Self Preservation and Sovereign Duties PART III: HOBBES AND THEORIES OF NATURAL LAW AND NATURAL RIGHTS The Natural Rights Tradition - With or Without Hobbes? PART IV: HOBBES'S THEORY OF RIGHTS: A MODERN SECULAR THEORY Current Discussions of Hobbesian Rights - The Distorting Lens of Hohfeld Conclusion: Towards a Hobbesian Theory of Rights Index
'In this ambitious and lucid book, Eleanor Curran sets out to challenge some of the main orthodoxies of Hobbesian scholarship...Curran's book performs a great service and deserves to be read by all serious Hobbes scholars. It represents a significant departure from existing treatments, and is richly thought-provoking both in its advocacy of a 'strong' theory of rights, and in its criticism of the existing scholarship. This engaging and lively book may thus itself hope to form a starting point for argument, controversy and debate.' British Journal for the History of Philosophy

'...detailed [and] sophisticated...' - Hobbes Studies