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Introduction by Richard W. Etulain Suggestions for Further Reading A Note on the Text A Texas Cowboy I. My Boyhood Days II. My Introduction to the late war III. My First Lesson in Cow Punching IV. My second experience in St. Louis V. A New experience VI. Adopted and sent to school VII. Back at last to the Lone Star State VIII. Learning to rope wild steers IX. Owning my first cattle X. A start up the Chisolm trail XI. Buys a boat and becomes a sailor XII. Back to my favorite occupation, that of a wild and woolly Cow Boy XIII. Mother and I meet at last XIV. On a tare in Wichita, Kansas XV. A lonely trip down the Cimeron XVI. My first experience roping a Buffalo XVII. An exciting trip after thieves XVIII. Seven weeks among Indians XIX. A lonely ride of eleven hundred miles XX. Another start up the Chisolm trail XXI. A trip which terminated in the capture of "Billy the Kid" XXII. Billy the Kid's capture XXIII. A trip to the Rio Grande on a mule XXIV. Waylaid by unknown parties XXV. Lost on the Staked Plains XXVI. A trip down the Reo Pecos XXVII. A true sketch of "Billy the Kid's" life XXVIII. Wrestling with a dose of Small Pox on the Llano Esticado XXIX. In love with a Mexican girl XXX. A sudden leap from Cow Boy to Merchant Addenda: Part I.
Cost of raising a three
year old steer Part II.
Driving young steers "up the trail." Part III.
What a young man can do in ten years with a start of 100 two
old heifers. Part IV.
The much abused cow
pony. Part V.
boys' wages
and cost of outfit. Part VI.
Losses on a cattle ranch from deaths, theft, etc. Part VII.
Raising cow
ponies on the range Explanatory Notes