Very Best Of Bluegrass-3cd - Diverse
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CD 1
1Foggy mountain breakdown00:02:39
2I'm man of constant sorrow00:02:57
3Blue moon of Kentucky00:02:00
4Garden in the sky00:02:44
5Tennessee cut up breakdown00:01:40
6Lonesome, sad and blue00:02:23
7Will the circle be unbroken?00:02:56
8Are you missing me?00:02:23
9Cripple creek00:04:44
10You can't do wrong and get by00:02:41
11Sunny side of the mountain00:03:03
12Higher in my prayer00:02:27
13Tomorrow may be different00:02:37
14Going back to old Kentucky00:02:04
15Molly and Tenbrooks00:02:45
16Crazy finger blues00:02:42
17Goin' to the barn dance tonight00:02:44
18Ida red00:01:20
19Old salty dog blues00:02:26
20Keep on the sunny side00:02:49
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CD 2
1Orange blossom special00:02:32
2Lonesome pine breakdown00:02:29
3Hard to love00:03:10
4Poor Ellen Smith00:02:39
5Happy valley special00:02:20
6Dreaming of a little cabin00:02:53
7Rounder's blues00:02:54
8Your love is like a flower00:02:32
9I'm gone, long gone00:02:18
10Widwood flower00:03:09
11Cotton eyed Joe00:01:12
12He will set your fields on fire00:02:22
13Wabash cannonball00:02:47
14Big midnight special00:02:42
15Florida blues00:02:20
16Why should it end this way?00:02:37
17I'm free from the chain gang now00:03:05
18Twenty one years00:02:18
19Radio boogie00:02:24
20Little Bessie00:03:16
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CD 3
1You are my sunshine00:02:43
2Doin' my time00:02:47
3Brown's Ferry blues00:02:35
4Abbeville breakdown00:02:24
5Pick a bale o'cotton00:02:30
6Y'all come00:02:10
7She's just a cute thing00:01:55
8Something got a hold on me00:02:44
9This little glass of wine00:03:04
10Hear jerusalem mourn00:02:26
11Worried man blues00:02:44
12Blue yodel no. 1('T for Texas)00:02:17
13Going like a wildfire00:02:30
14Uncle Pen00:02:41
15Great speacle bird00:02:52
16Row us over the tide00:03:12
17Wake up sweetheart00:02:37
18Pain in my heart00:02:42
19John Henry00:02:44
20Long time, no see00:02:28
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