Die Legendären Songs - Robeson,Paul
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1Ol' Man River (Version 2)00:03:09
2Sometimes I Feel Lika A Motherless Child00:02:30
3It ain't necessarily so00:02:35
4I still suits me00:02:35
5Moorsoldaten (The Peg-Bog Soldiers)00:02:26
6Oh, How Proud Our Quiet Don00:03:18
7The Purest Kind Of Guy00:03:21
8Joe Hill00:02:42
9Song Of The Plains00:03:07
10Cradle Song00:03:51
11Within Four Walls00:03:31
12John Henry00:02:28
13My Curly-Headed Baby00:02:45
14Wagon wheels00:02:46
15The House I Live In00:03:11
16Love song00:03:21
17St. Louis blues00:03:27
18Killing Song00:02:20
19High Water00:02:32
20Ol' Man River00:03:57