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Preface.- Part I:The Evolution of Luxury: From Object to Experience.- Chapter 1: Luxury, Back to Origins.-  Chapter 2: The New Experiential Luxury Marketing Model.- Chapter 3: Customer Experience to Keep Up with Changing Consumer and New Luxury Consumption Trends.-  Part II: The Big Five Strategies to Designing the Ultimate Luxury Experience.- Chapter 4: Capturing Luxury Customer Values.- Chapter 5: Experiential Branding of Luxury.- Chapter 6: Experiential Setting Design.- Chapter 7: Luxury Staff Training.- Chapter 8: Consumer Initiation into Luxury.- Part III: Challenges for the Future of Luxury Experience.- Chapter 9: Alternative Market Research for Understanding Luxury Experience.- Chapter 10: How Millennials and Post-Millennials are Reshaping Luxury.- Chapter 11: Is Luxury Experience Compatible with CSR?.- Conclusion.