The Magic of Coin-Trees from Religion to Recreation (eBook, PDF) - Houlbrook, Ceri
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Chapter 1. Introduction: Coining the Coin Tree.- Chapter 2. Roots of a Ritual.- Chapter 3. The Democratization of the Landscape.- Chapter 4. Contemporary Engagement.- Chapter 5. The Mutability of Meaning.- Chapter 6. Manipulating Meaning.- Chapter 7. Green Monuments and their Heritage.- Chapter 8. Concluding Thoughts.- Index
"The author has spent many hours hanging about at 40 identified sites all over the British Isles, asking visitors their thoughts, assessing their ritual, touristic and aesthetic context, and then writing up field notes and a highly considered academic contextualisation that is laudably readable." (Northern Earth, Issue 163, March, 2021)
"Coin-trees are now very much part of British tradition, folklore and landscape as this most enjoyable book makes clear. ... it is an academic contribution to a series of historical studies on witchcraft and magic, it is a clear and readable account accessible for the non-specialist reader and laced with interesting sidelights and anecdotes, of a fascinating piece of folklore, as authentic as any truly 'ancient' tradition." (John Rimmer, Magonia review of books, July, 2019)