The Franciscan Invention of the New World (eBook, PDF) - McClure, Julia
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ContentsAbbreviations. 4Prologue, The story. 5Introduction. 7Chapter One. 20The Landscapes of Franciscan Poverty. 20  The Franciscan attempt to disown the world. 20  The colonial need for the concept of property. 20  Freedom from property?. 21  From property to rights. 27  Necessity and Use. 30  Property in Paradise?. 32  Conclusion. 34Chapter Two. 36Feeding the Imaginative Landscape of the Franciscan Order 36  The Franciscan attempt to 'know' the world. 36  Franciscan global knowledge. 37  Spiritual knowledge. 42  The Franciscan 'discovery' of the New World. 45  Losing the Canary Islands. 50  Conclusion. 55Chapter Three. 57The Franciscan Atlantic. 57  Planting the cross in the Atlantic world. 57  The Canary Islands. 58  The Spanish Atlantic coast 64  The Caribbean. 67  Mainland America. 71  Conclusion: A Franciscan Map of the Early Atlantic. 74Chapter Four 76Franciscan landscapes of identity and violence. 76  The Franciscan Invention of Coloniality. 76  The Franciscans and the landscapes of power 78  The Transatlantic Inquisition. 80  Franciscan violences and the forging of a New World. 87  The Multidirectionality of Coloniality. 91  Symbolic worldmaking (1) 94  Conclusion. 96Chapter Five. 98The New World at the End of the World. 98  The Tale of the Dragon's Tail in the Dragon's Tail 98  The construction of the Franciscan historical worldview.. 100  The Franciscan historical invention of the New World. 109  Symbolic worldmaking (2) 112  Conclusion. 115Conclusion. 117Bibliography. 121  Unpublished Archival Sources. 121  Printed Primary Sources. 121  Secondary Sources: Books. 128  Secondary Sources: Articles and Chapters. 138  Unpublished secondary sources. 145  Websites. 145