The EU's Common Security and Defence Policy (eBook, PDF) - Faleg, Giovanni
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Abstract.- Acknowledgments.- Table of Contents.- List of Tables and Figures.- List of Abbreviations.- Preface.- Chapter 1 Introduction: ideas that changed the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy.- Chapter 2 The framework of analysis: learning communities in international organisations.- Chapter 3 A comprehensive approach to EU security.- Chapter 4 The EU security architecture and networked governance.- Chapter 5 The EU's engagement in Security Sector Reform and Civilian Crisis Management.- Chapter 6 Learning communities in EU Security Sector Reform.- Chapter 7 Learning communities in EU Civilian Crisis Management.- Chapter 8 The EU's Common Security and Defence Policy: learning by doing.- Chapter 9 Conclusions: lessons learned and future challenges.- Postface.- References.- Appendix 1: Interviews (institutional affiliations).- Appendix 2: Questionnaire SSR.- Appendix 3: Questionnaire CCM.- Index.