Popular Rumour in Revolutionary Paris, 1792-1794 (eBook, PDF) - Porter, Lindsay
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Chapter I. Introduction.- Chapter II. 'Prenez garde Citoyens!': Policing Popular Rumour.-Chapter III. 'Un bruit de frayeur se répand': Informal Communication Networks and the Creation of Rumour.- Chapter IV. Rumour, Riots, Feasts and Famines.- Chapter V. Rumour and Community: Solidarity and Conflict in the Sans-Culotte Neighbourhoods of Year II.- Chapter VI. Rumour, Reputation and Identity.- Chapter VII. Rumour, Denunciation and Terror.-Chapter VIII. Conclusion.- Archival Sources.- Index
" Its changing content, identify the groups through which it passed, and study the ways that they made sense of it as it ebbed and flowed, crossing paths with other means of communication such as images, graffiti, songs, letters, and all varieties of the printed word." (Robert Darnton, H-France Forum, Vol. 14 (2), 2019)

"The study of rumor during the French Revolution is a wonderful subject, ... . Lindsay Porter is well aware of this work, and one of the virtues of her book is to recognize the ways that revolutionary rumor renewed and built on older themes." (David Garrioch, H-France Forum, Vol. 14 (2), 2019)