Peter von Zahn's Cold War Broadcasts to West Germany (eBook, PDF) - Nathans, Eli
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Chapter 1. Introduction.- Part One: Propaganda and Journalism.- Chapter 2. Student and Soldier in the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany.- Chapter 3. Survival.- Chapter 4. Journalist at the Northwest German Radio Station.- Part Two: Networks and Contexts.- Chapter 5. Public Audiences and Official Networks.- Chapter 6. Critical Images of the United States in the Federal Republic.- Part Three: Peter von Zahn's America.- Chapter 7. Tradition and Modernity in American Culture and Society.- Chapter 8. American Public Opinion: Optimistic but often Ignorant.- Chapter 9. A Weak Executive, an Irresponsible Congress, and a Courageous Judiciary.- Chapter 10. From Understanding to Indignation: Zahn on American Racism and the Civil Rights Movement.- Part Four: Receptions.- Chapter 11. Audience Responses.- Chapter 12. A Difficult Return to West Germany 1964-2001.- Chapter 13. Conclusion.- Index
"Eli Nathans's Peter von Zahn's Cold War Broadcasts to West Germany: Assessing America is still the first book that analyzes the life and work of Zahn as an influential intermediary between America and West Germany. ... The merit of this book is a case study of an outstanding journalist." (Frank Bösch, The American Historical Review, Vol. 124 (4), October, 2019)