New Issues in Financial and Credit Markets (eBook, PDF) - Fiordelisi, Franco; Molyneux, Philip; Previati, Daniele
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  • Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan UK
  • Erscheinungstermin: 6. Oktober 2010
  • Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9780230302181
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List of Tables and Figures Introduction; F.Fiordelisi, P.Molyneux & D.Previati PART I: FINANCIAL CRISES China's Macro-Policy and Regulatory Framework of the Financial Sector to be Tested by the Global Economic Downturn; R.W.H.Van Der Linden Financial Turmoil and Asymmetric Information Theory - Evidence from E-MID Platform; C.Porzio, F.Battaglia, A.Meles & M.Grazia Starita The Impact of European Financial Integration on Economic Growth; J.Maudos & J.Fernández De Guevara Can Financial Supervision Enhance Central Bank's Independence?; E.Seghezza & G.B.Pittaluga The Impact of a Housing Price Bubble on the Intensity of the Recent Credit Crunch: Evidence from Different Countries; J.M.Pastor, J.Quesada & L.Serrano Interbank Market and Liquidity Distribution during the Great Financial Crisis: The E-MID Case; G.A.Vento & P.La Ganga Quantitative Easing Versus Credit Easing; F.H.Brinkhuis Financial Reforms, Competition and Risk in Banking Markets; B.Casu, A.Ferrari & Tianshu Zhao PART II: THE LENDING BUSINESS: MARKETS AND INSTRUMENTS The Diffusion of Credit Brokers in Italy - A Spatial Econometric Analysis; F.Poli & E.T.Uberti Determinants and Effects of Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments on Italian SMEs; R.Giovannini, V.Pesic & V.Capizzi Transparency of Price Conditions in the Consumer Credit; M.Caratelli PART III: CAPITAL MARKETS AND RISK MANAGEMENT Profitability of Momentum and Reversal Patterns of Pan-European Industries Portfolio; G.Torluccio & M.Toscano Duration Analysis - An Exposé; T.Lindblom & G.Bergendahl Biased or Unbiased Risk Perception in the Financial Decision Making; C.Lucarelli & G.Brighetti Banks' Measurement of Operational Risk and the Effect on Regulatory Capital; T.Lindblom& M.Willesson Index