Neoliberal Education and the Redefinition of Democratic Practice in Chicago (eBook, PDF) - Taylor, Kendall A.
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Chapter 1. Democracy and the Doubling-Down of Neoliberal Reform Failure Chapter 2. Shifting Rationalities and Multiple Democracies: The New Meanings of Neoliberal Democracy Chapter 3. Differential Citizenship in Neoliberal Chicago: School Reform and the Production of Anti-Democratic Space Chapter 4. A Strike by Any Other Name...: Democratic Education and the Language of Hegemony Chapter 5. The Dissolution of Trust: Coercion and Chicago's Integral State Chapter 6. The Anti-Democratic Dialectic: Democratic Practices within Antagonistic Space and the Never-Ending Way Forward Chapter 7. Coda: Devos and the Future of Neoliberal Education Reform and Resistance in Chicago