Narrating the Global Financial Crisis (eBook, PDF) - Meissner, Miriam
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1. Introduction: Myths of Finance and the City.- 2. Mythical Crisis Perspectives.- 3. Setting the Scene: Financial Spaces and Architectures.- 4. Figuring Flows: Urban Transport Myths of Trading.- 5. Dwelling in Times of Financialization: Dreams, Ruins, Escapism.- 6. Specters of Finance and the Black Box City.- 7. Conclusion: Financialization, Spectral Absence and the Politics of Myth.-
"Narrating the Global Financial Crisis provides a searching, theoretically sophisticated critical account of different discursive constructions of the global financial crisis ... in media and popular culture. ... Narrating the Global Financial Crisis is beautifully bound, formatted and illustrated, in full colour. In providing vivid analyses of diverse cultural representations of finance, informed by cultural and urban theory, it is essential reading for scholars interested in the nexus of economics and culture, and represents an exemplary work of interdisciplinary criticism." (Simon Ferdinand, Urban Studies, September, 2018)