Mitigation of Dangers from Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards (eBook, PDF) - Siegel, Frederic R.
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Preface.- Introduction To Hazards and Factors That Affect Impacts On Global Societies.- Mitigation.- Risk Assessment/Vulnerability.- Conditions That Aggravate The Effects Of A Hazard On Citizens And Property.- Early Warning Systems (EWS).- Damping The Dangers From Tectonics-Driven Hazards: Earthquakes and Volcanoes.- Earthquakes.- Volcanoes.- Lessening The Impacts From Non-Tectonic (Natural) Hazards and Triggered Events.- Magnified Impact Of Natural Hazards From Global Warming/Climate Change And Inadequate Land-Use Planning.- Disease.- Natural Processes That Endanger Food Security Linked To Climate Change.- Land-Use Planning To Minimize Dangers To Citizens and Ecosystems.- Physical Siting Of Locations For Housing, Commerce, Industry and Parkland.- Pollution.- Mitigation of Hazard Impacts On Ecosystems And Their Inhabitants: Possible For Some, Not Possible For Others.- Mitigation Of Impacts On Ecosystems And Their Inhabitants Directly From Human Activities.- Mitigation Economics.-
It has 21 chapters ... and is filled with concise detail, with lots of references given at the end of every chapter. It is current, with some references made to disasters in 2015. It is a summary of all the various types of natural and anthropogenic hazards one could possibly imagine ... . This book is a worthwhile ... read and I would suggest that Geohazards students do give it a whirl - you may find something new." (Jane A. Michael, Proceedings of the Open University Geological Society, Vol. 3, 2017)