Media and Culture in the U.S. Jewish Labor Movement (eBook, PDF) - Dolber, Brian
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1. Introduction.- 2. 'Digging in the Dark': The Forward's Advertising Strategy in the 1920s.- 3. 'Cutting the Pathway in the Wilderness and Confusion': Worker Education and the Garment Unions, 1919-1932.- 4. Moving Forward on the Air: The Birth of WEVD and the Rise of Commercial Radio.- 5. 'A Song of Social Significance': Jewish Labor, Mass Culture, and the New Deal.- 6. 'The Most Effective Weapon': Consumer Activism and the Jewish Labor Committee's Anti-Nazi Boycott.- 7. A 'Friendly Negotiation': Jewish Labor, the Newspaper Guild, and the Limits of the New Deal.- 8. Epilogue.